The Biegel Waller legacy began in 1998.


For nearly 20 years, Biegel Waller has been driven by the desire to build an advisory firm for high net worth clients based on independent research and insightful market analysis.  Since its founding, the firm has grown by attracting professionals with a common goal: leveraging our research capabilities to create strategies using some of the best managers in the world.

Our legacy is built upon:

  • Relevant experience from over 80 combined years of managing investment portfolios;
  • Key insights that produce proactive decisions for client portfolios, not reactionary responses to market changes;
  • Positive impact of exceptional client service - and the long-term relationships it fosters.

The cornerstone of our investment philosophy focuses on creating long-term positive results by avoiding significant losses in client portfolios. Central to this philosophy is our experience actively managing portfolios with the independence to consider all asset classes while not being limited to proprietary products or a finite number of strategies.

However, selecting from among a wide variety of assets is not sufficient to adequately manage risk. The crucial element to delivering higher risk-adjusted returns is our insight to understand when and how to implement the appropriate asset classes.

During periods of elevated volatility, we are concerned about how asset classes tend to move in tandem or correlate to one another. Therefore in times of normalized market volatility, we rely on our strategic allocation strategies. However, in recognizing the onset of elevated market volatility, we utilize various tactical strategies which act to reduce risk and positively impact returns.

Our philosophy has enabled us to successfully navigate the tech bubble of 2001 and the financial crisis of 2008. We look forward to sharing more about our philosophy and principles with you.



Mark D. Biegel
Co-Founder, Partner and

Senior Portfolio Manager

Peter P. Jenkins, CFP®
Partner and Client Advisor

James B. Waller
Co-Founder and


Michelle G. Gavino
Client Services Manager

Matthew A. Gotlin
Partner and

Director of Research

Jack A. Ramey, CFP®
Managing Director